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Simple runbook template

A “Runbook” or “Run Book” by any other name… We use a runbook template to document what processes occur automatically or on demand. Typically these events are either date-triggered or event-triggered. An example of a date-triggered process might be a scheduled email sent nightly at midnight. An example of an event-triggered process might be to […]

big data planning template

Example Big Data dev cluster topology

Below is an example dev cluster topology for a Big Data development cluster as I’ve actually used for some customers.  It’s composed of 6 Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers, each with a particular purpose.  We have been able to perform full lambda using this topology along with Teiid (for data abstraction) on terabytes of data. […]

decision making process

A Structured Methodology for Group Decision Making

Refreshed from my June 2013 post. Abstract: A simple but powerful method for structured, transparent decision making within a group is demonstrated using a supplied template and the supporting process.  The approach employs a weighted decision matrix with authoritative attributes, leads to an individual decision outcome, and composes a group decision using basic statistical methods. […]

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Automated Metadata Extraction for Competitive Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for the Creation of Competitive Intelligence Tools Introduction Often in prioritizing business development activities it is helpful to determine who is able to influence a decision and how they are related to those in the market space.  To make a defensible and actionable strategy it is useful to perform Influence Analysis and Network […]


I’ve been mind-numbingly fortunate to enjoy an exciting career and have been able to pick my customers, employers, and problems I’d like to solve.  I left my career as an engineering geologist in the late 90s moving to modeling and simulation, robotics, finance, healthcare, government, and currently internet technologies.  Today I focus on strategy and tactics for big data and machine learning architecture, practice building, process, and the development of intellectual property.

I hope you find value in the templates, processes, and tools I have built and provided here.  If you’d like to discuss any of these please feel free to contact me through the information at the link below.



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Big Data and Machine Learning Architecture

US National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIST Big Data Reference Architecture

US Govt. Big Data Interoperability Framework

I’ve been fortunate to help write some of the early architectural standards on big data and to build a portfolio of intellectual property for myself and my employers.  Here are a few highlights.